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Do you have homeowner / liability insurance that would cover your home in an emergency, or injuries caused, in the event of bites, scratches, mauls, etc?
Additional Info
Melissa’s Mutt Hutt LLC will use all reasonable efforts to prevent harm to your pet and to protect others from harm caused by your pet. You are responsible in case your pet is involved in an altercation with another pet or human, other than for gross negligence of Melissa’s Mutt Hutt. Some of these matters may be covered by your Homeowners or Renters Insurance, however regardless of whether you have such insurance, you are responsible for any damages caused your pet.
In case of emergency, we give you permission to authorize emergency medical care for our pet(s) as deemed necessary by a veterinarian, and we will be responsible for such payment of care.
Please note MMH does walk in the rain, and we need 24 hours notice if you would like to cancel a walk or you will be charged. Our services are guaranteed (if you are not satisfied, you do not pay) and daily detailed notes will be made by our trained staff.
Payments for pet sits are due the day pet sit begins. Pre-paid non-refundable discounted dog walking booklets must be used on set schedule at least twice a week. Invoices are billed electronically. We accept checks or cash and payments should sent to Melissa's Mutt Hutt at 4208 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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