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Please note: Holiday pet sits and boards are non-refundable!

Private Dog Walking

All walks are private unless you request a semi-private walk. Our services are 100% guaranteed and we call when we arrive at your home with a clock in to our office, and leave daily notes. All other large companies have up to 8 dogs on a walk, and provide an arrival time window of 2 hours, we have 30 minute window of arrival. We provide love, affection, attention and one on one exercise. Unlike most other businesses your pooch is not in a car exposed to other dogs with potential risk of illness, injury and diseases. Have the peace of mind knowing we leave notes and a diary after our visits!

*Add an additional dog at $6.50 each

LOCK BOXES: All dog walking clients will be using a Lock Box to store your home key. The lock box code and location will be set by the client. Each lock box is $42.50, or you may provide us with your own box. If you do not want a lock box, all “on call” walks where we must head to the office to pick up a key will be a $5.00 surcharge pet walk.

Pet Sitting

We offer the following options for in-home pet sitting services. There are multiple lengths to better suit you and your pet’s needs.
8:00pm-8:00am $75.00
6:00pm-9:00am $95.00

An AM and PM walk is included with your pet sit as well as feeding daily notes, love and attention. A mid day walk can be added for $25.00. Each additional dog is $6.50.

Private Cage and Kennel Free Boarding

Done with our trusted staff in their pet-safe homes *Pickup and drop off is included within a 6 mile radius otherwise you must bring pet to us or pay pet transportation surcharge. Please ensure your dog is house-trained, current w/shots & neutered. Free walks are included!

This service is done on a case-by-case basis for potty trained, non-aggressive dogs less than 60 pounds. It is great to know your dog will not go potty on the floor, pick up excessive barking habits, aggression and/or fear issues; if they sleep in bed with you, they sleep in bed with us! There is no possibility of illness, no bordetella shots, & cage and kennel-free.
*Add an additional pet at $6.50 each

Additional Services

Pet Taxi /Transportation Services

*Vet Visit- $50.00/2 Hours (Additional time billed at $50.00/hr
Groomer/Doggie Daycare Drop Off $25.00
Groomer/Doggie Daycare Pick Up $25.00
Groomer/Doggie Daycare Drop off and Pick Up $40.00
* does not include third party fees (vet bill/groomer bill)
Taxi service outside a 5 mile radius: $25 for first 5 miles. $2.50/mile after 5 miles

*Add an additional pet at $6.50 each

Additional Surcharges
Medication administration $10.00 a day (goes 100% to our staff)
Holiday Surcharge $10.00 per visit
Meet your Mutt Hutter in advance $10.00
Key Pick up & or Drop Off $10.00

Hotel Care $35.00 & up per hour, please call for quote *Initial Consultation Meeting is free of charge
We are also offering Melissa’s Mutt Hutt dog walking service to all of Los Angeles 5 star hotels. Please call us at 310 546 0021 for a quote.
*Pricing for additional/unique offerings available upon request
Melissa’s Mutt Hutt does not provide Grooming, however, we do have partnerships with 2 extraordinary full service grooming salons with Master Grooming and can provide round trip transportation for your pets as well as set up appointments. A walk is a suggested add-on to the groom for a flat rate of $25.00.


Payment Policy
Melissa’s Mutt Hutt accepts Venmo, Visa, Discover and MasterCard only.
Pet Sitting/Visits: Payments are due in-full by the first day of service.
Daily Dog Walking: Payments are due upon receipt of invoice.
There will be a $25 late fee applied if received after 5 days for prepaid service.

Cancellation Policy
Pet Sitting/Boarding: Melissa’s Mutt Hutt has a 48 hour cancellation policy. If a cancellation is given with less than 48 hour notice then there will be a 25% surcharge.

Daily Dog Walking: Melissa’s Mutt Hutt has a 24- hour cancellation policy. Please notify us of a cancellation by email or text to (310) 435-9808 with at least 24 hours notice or the full service fee will be applied.

Private Dog Walking 30m 45m 60m
Single Walk $26.50 $28.50 $31.50



In Home Pet Setting 8:00pm-8:00am 6:00pm-9:00am Additional
Fee $75 $95 $6.50 each additional pet


24 Hour Private Boarding Fee $96.50
Private Doggie Day Care Fee $50-$70
Pet Visits (Bird/Cats) 30 min Fee $25
Pet Visits (Bird/Cats) 1 hour Fee $30